Monday, November 1, 2010

Color: The Good with the Bad

This is an example of good use of color. I like how the photo is black and white other than the sweat dripping on his face. I think that this concept from Gatorade is creative and their use of color enhances the product.

Ads/coupons like this always make me upset. This ads use of color always seems so cheap and corny looking to me. The colors don't makes sense together. I guess they were trying to catch the audiences attention but they got my attention for a totally different reason.


  1. I like the image with the gatorade gold sweat. It is a great use of color that makes you connect the color with the brand.

  2. Yeah, that was Gatorade's "Is it in you?" campaign. I liked that one, too. The Gatorade-colored sweat in an otherwise grayscale image was a very simple, iconic motif, both immediately recognizable and versatile. It worked well in print as well as on television.