Friday, October 29, 2010

Night and Day: The Difference Photoshop Makes...

This is an original picture of a lotus flower. This seems to be a picture that was taken at night. Through the wonders of photoshop....

This is now the same photo in the daylight. Here's what I did....

1. First I placed the photo in a 7X9 document in Photoshop. 
2. Then, I rasterized the photo.
3.Then I played with the "Adjustment" option through contrast. By using the "Magic Wand" tool, I selected the sky. (You may need to go to "Select" and "Similar "to get the whole sky).
4. Then, I used the "auto color" option to make the sky more blue. You may also need to adjust the "Hue/Color Saturation" option to scrub more blue into the sky.
5. Then, I moved onti the trees in the background. Again, I used the Magic Wand tool to select the trees.
6. Then, I played with the Color Balance to make the trees appear green. 
7. Then, I used the Auto color to make the green stand out even more.

I think that it was cool that even though in theory these two images are the same, they both give you a different feeling. The images are "night" and "day," excuse the pun. I think that it is nice that Photoshop can be used to enhance photos. When done for good, Photoshop can be a very useful and artistic tool.


  1. Allycia, this process really shows amazing things that photo shop can do...the new picture looks bright and beautiful. The white border makes it look as if the flower is now in a frame...good concept.

  2. This is a neat idea, I love seeing the flower in both the night and day. I like your white border too.

  3. Wow! What a difference photoshop made. The flower pops more with the background changed and lightened up. Minor adjustments to the background made the picture look better and crisper.

  4. I'm not really sold. I don't see "daylight"; I see what look like compression artifacts and a neon green glow in the trees-- sort of a solarized effect. I can see how this could be used appropriately, but I'm not really convinced that you reached the result you were aiming for. Sorry.