Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Go Loco for Logos!

Everyone can identify with this logo. Nickelodeon used the slime as a logo and it became a brand within the station. Even though its just an orange splat, it definitely appeals to its kid audience.

The Golden Arches. The McDonald's brand is defined by that golden M. I think that color also works in this logo. If the M wasn't golden, I'm not sure that it would still have the same effect. As simple as this logo is, it is recognizable around the world.

These logos don't really work for me...

Though this logo is very recognizable, it is kind of bland to me. It doesn't really scream a television station to me. Fortunately for ABC, the brand isn't dependent on the logo.

This logo doesn't work for me because I think that it doesn't go with the company. Maybe I'm missing the concept but every time I see these commercials, I never get the logo and why there is an orange lion.

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  1. What a coincidence! When I was talking about the Aol. logo failure in my post, I said that other companies had used a similar idea successfully, and although I didn't name any examples, I was thinking of Nickelodeon at the time. Although the splat was most common, they used different shapes for the orange field, usually relevant to the context. The white text and orange background made for a cohesive logo concept, even when the shape itself changed. Of course, I also remember Nickelodeon's silver ball logo, but that's just because I'm old.